Why Food Isn’t Enough To Be Healthy Anymore

What are we taught about health and fitness as children? Eat good food. Drink lots of water. Exercise every day. These simple creeds were supposed to help us stay fit and live a long life. Not anymore; thanks to modern food engineering, agro-technology and a million other reasons, food alone simply isn’t enough to keep our body healthy. Read on to find out why and how we can deal with it.

Keeps for Ages
With all the latest technology, we no longer have to eat our food the moment we cook it. In fact, food can be freeze-dried and kept for months if not years. However, this amount of processing and the adding of chemical preservatives means that food loses a certain amount of nutrients inherent in it. After all, the food isn’t fresh anymore. So eating all those carrots and beans will do you no good if the carrots come in a can and the beans were in the frozen section. Instead, you will have to supplement your meals with things like organic pea protein powder and energy bars to receive the proper balance of nutrients.

Adds Something Extra
The preservatives mentioned earlier are not only bad for our health in that they create a chemical build-up in the body, it also reacts negatively with our body, making us gain weight, develop high cholesterol levels and increase blood pressure. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to eat food that hasn’t been tampered in some way. Unless it’s certified organic and fresh, most food items have seen chemicals. This means that food is no longer the source of all goodness that it used to be. The solution? Don’t beat ‘em; join ‘em! Find products like natural vegan protein powder which may be processed, but deliver more health to your body by making up for all the unhealthy chemicals that you absorb through processed and cultured food.

Fast and Furious Life
Along with processed food, another characteristic of the 21st century lifestyle is speed. Everything has to be done fast. Even our food reflects that. Online cooking guides and recipes are all about how to get maximum flavour out of a dish that takes 15-30 minutes to cook, whereas just over 30 years ago, our grandparents were cooking massive dishes that took well over an hour, every day. Most of the vegetables in the supermarket are ready to be cooked. Meat and fish can be bought all cleaned and ready for the pot. Food is sanitized and sterilized to the point that all nutrients that lay just under the skin get wiped out completely. A fast paced lifestyle means fast meals, often in restaurants or fast food joints and they make us unhealthy.protein-shake-sale